Unit 1 Assessment

Unit 1 assessment criteria

A Learner can consider Unit 1 completed when, the learner has:

  1. Completed the Personalized Assessment. [Learners select the skills they want to develop in Questionnaire 1.4; then create a personalized a personal education plan that indicates which lessons and resources help to build each skill in Assignment 1.4.]

  2. Written an environmental situation paragraph for an initiative he or she would like to address, and which includes evidence and potential sources of advice [Assignment 1.5]

  3. Provided an answer for the question: “What information will you need in order to accurately “define goals and objectives” that will lead to a change in behavior? [Assignment 1.7]

    • Response references at least two steps in the planning process selected from the following:

      • Familiarize yourself with the mission of the hosting organization

      • Identify a target audience

      • Understand the community

      • Employ community needs assessment or situation analysis

      • Identify networks, partners, and resources

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