Forum 6.4 Outreach focus


Forum 6.4 Practicum: Assess choice of behavior for outreach focus

Resource for this activity:

7-Step Process in Practice: a Case Study example (Arkansas case study).


Review the Arkansas case study results for Step #6.

After analyzing the survey data, the Arkansas team selected behaviors with the most potential for adoption. Those are listed in Table 2 in the Case Study.

Do you agree that the project addressed each of the following criteria in the process of identifying which behaviors to emphasize for their outreach initiative?

Did the Arkansas project:

  • Accurately describe the situation?
  • Work with a team?
  • Identify one or more audiences who can make a difference in this situation?
  • Identify one or more behaviors that experts agree would make a difference to the situation? • Describe a measurable outcome that could be achieved in the short-term?
  • Analyze the components of each preferred behavior – to make sure the team understands what it would take to carry out the behavior, and to provide a foundation for investigating audience capabilities and interests?
  • Collect enough information about the potential audience to be able to ascertain the likelihood that they will be motivated and able to accomplish the preferred behavior?

Provide evidence for your response.

Post your analysis and review the analysis by other course participants.


You have finished Unit 6. How did you do? Look at the Unit 6 Assessment to find out.


Once you have selected target behaviors to emphasize in an outreach or education initiative, move on to Unit 7 where you will identify potential outreach techniques most likely to be effective in conveying your selected target behavior.

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