Forum 2.1 Changing behavior ideas


Forum 2.1 Changing behavior ideas

Take a minute to focus on your own behavior change ideas in response to the questions below. Look again at the photos in the slides introducing this section (people in a forest; suburban housing development). 

For each, propose answers to these questions, either by linking to an existing topic or clicking on "add a new discussion topic" in the boxes below:

  • What is the behavior?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • Who can affect a change?
  • Who is affected by a change?

Backhoe at lake edge Construction at water edge
Bike trails in dry landscape


The purpose of this exercise is to provide practice in asking these questions, rather than practice in analyzing the specific situations featured in the photos. Don’t worry if you don’t understand the photo or feel that you don’t know the answer. Give your best impression.


When you feel that you have mastered these questions, in other words you will remember to ask yourself these questions each time you want to change behavior, move on to Lesson 2.2, Targeting the audience.