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Unit 1 -- Organize your approach Forum 1.2 Ideas about changing behavior

Forum 1.2 Examine your ideas about changing behavior

Take a minute to focus on your own behavior change ideas. Throughout the course, we’ll be building on these ideas to create your plan for an effective outreach initiative.

Give one or more examples of a change in behavior by clicking on the ...

Forum 1.6 Connect outreach to situation

Forum 1.6 Connect outreach to the environmental situation

Identifying the environmental problem and target audience is the first step in planning for behavior change. Review the following 3 sample scenarios. For each,

  • Imagine the environmental problem that might be demonstrated by the photo....
Forum 1.7.a Logic Model discussion

Forum 1.7 The Logic Model planning tool

Forum 1.7 is intended to follow Activity 1.7a, where you use the Logic Model to document elements of an outreach plan.

Share your thoughts on the process with the other participants:

Remember, you can use the Logic Model planning tool to organize your ...

Unit 2 -- Identify a target audience Forum 2.1 Changing behavior ideas

Forum 2.1 Changing behavior ideas

Take a minute to focus on your own behavior change ideas in response to the questions below. Look again at the photos in the slides introducing this section (people in a forest; suburban housing development). 

For each, propose answers to these questions, ...

Forum 2.3 Team case study

Forum 2.3 Team case study

Take a few minutes to reflect on the process of building and working with a team

Review a brief Team Case Study summarized in the slides below. These offer a specific example of steps that team members can take to help construct and evaluate a water outreach initiative...

Unit 3 -- The environmental practice Forum 3.2 Assess message examples

Forum 3.2

Try predicting whether a recommended action is likely to be adopted.

The slide below lists 3 messages from Washington Waters – What you can do?

Each message describes an action that people can take to improve the quality of the water in Puget Sound. The examples address: septic ...

Forum 3.4 Practicum: AR case study

 Forum 3.4 Practicum: Identify environmental practices that can make a difference

Resource for this activity

Changing Public Behavior, Workshop Materials. 7-Step Process in Practice: a Case Study example (Arkansas case study). Also found in http://fyi.uwex....

Unit 4 -- Behavior change Forum 4.1 Your behavior influences?

Forum 4.1 Your behavior influences?

Explore influences that may have affected your own behavior. This provides practice in thinking about the types of information you may need to understand about your audiences in order to prepare learning opportunities for them.

Your situation affects how you ...

Forum 4.3 Barriers to behavior change

Forum 4.3 Discuss barriers to behavior change

Later in this Unit, you will be referring to behavior theories and information about why a person does or does not perform a behavior, in order to refine your own outreach planning. In this activity, build your skill in recognizing barriers to ...

Forum 4.4 Theory of Planned Behavior

Forum 4.4 Apply the Theory of Planned Behavior

Practice applying the Theory of Planned Behavior that you studied in Lesson 4.4. Think of an example for how it might apply to the environmental situation you are working on.

1. Identify a specific behavior

2. Give an example of the audience “att...

Forum 4.7 Analyze intention to change

Forum 4.8 Practicum: Analyze intention to change for a recommended environmental practice

Choose one example from the following communication messages.

The Washington Waters – What Can You Do? project uses these messages in bill boards, local advertisements, and on the Web site.

  • Man...
Unit 5 -- Collect audience information Forum 5.2 Individuals vs. groups

Forum 5.2 Planning to change behavior: individuals vs. groups

Resources for this activity:

Capitals as community resources, handout pdf

Changing Public Behavior, Workshop Materials. Behavior Change Theories and Techniques fact sheet. Table I. Value-Belief-Norm Theory. Also found in ...

Forum 5.5 Choose assessment tool

Forum 5.5 Practicum: Choose an assessment tool

Resources for this activity:

Alkon, A. H. (2004). Place, stories, and consequences - heritage narratives and the control of erosion on lake county, California, vineyards. Organization & Environment, 17(2), 145-169. [NOTE: The Water ...

Forum 5.7 Develop new data

Forum 5.7 Develop new data 

Resources for Forum 5.7:

Changing Public Behavior, Sample Workshop Materials. Assessment worksheets: Interviewing skills; Observation skills; Participatory action research techniques. Pages 21 – 40. Also found at  http://fyi.uwex....

Unit 6 -- Select target behaviors Forum 6.2 Potential for adoption?

Forum 6.2 Potential for adoption?

Resource for this activity:

Changing Public Behavior Self Study Modules, Step 5. Assess potential for adoption of single behaviors and the environmental practice


Look again at the Lake Ripley sample survey questions in Lesson 6.2 asking ...

Forum 6.4 Outreach focus

Forum 6.4 Practicum: Assess choice of behavior for outreach focus

Resource for this activity:

7-Step Process in Practice: a Case Study example (Arkansas case study).


Review the Arkansas case study results for Step #6.

After analyzing the survey data, the Arkansas team ...

Unit 7 -- Select techniques Forum 7.3 Ethical dilemmas?

Forum 7.3. Propose solutions to ethical dilemmas in your project

Resource for Forum 7.3

Andrews, E., M. Smith, & G. Wise. (2002). A Model of Community-Based Environmental Education. Chapter 10 in New Tools for Environmental Protection: Education, Information, and Voluntary Measures. ...

Forum 7.4 Arkansas case study, Step #7

Forum 7.4 Practicum: Arkansas case study, Step #7

Resource for Forum 7.4

Changing Public Behavior, Workshop Materials. 7-Step Process in Practice: a Case Study example (Arkansas case study).

Logic Model PDF, or as a DOC file here.


As discussed in Lesson 1.7 the Educating ...

Unit 8 -- Putting it all together Forum 8.2 Evaluation resources

Forum 8.2 Sample recommended evaluation procedures

Resources for Forum 8.2

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 2009. Designing Education Projects: A Comprehensive Approach to Needs Assessment, Project Planning and Implementation, and Evaluation. 2nd Ed. U.S. Department of...