ASSIGNMENT 8.3 Assess your plan & yourself

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Resource for Assignment 8.3

Educating about Behavior and the Environment planning tool, PDF, pages 1 and 2, and also available as a DOC file, here.

Water Outreach Education Web site, Logic Model, available as a doc file, here.



The goal for Assignment 8.3 is to write a personal professional development plan describing how you want to continue to develop your skills after completing this course.

Begin by reviewing your responses to the Educator Needs Assessment Tool you completed in Unit 1.

In Unit 1 you rated which Educator Skills and which Social Assessment Skills you wanted to work on during the course.

    • Which skills have you mastered?
    • Which skills have you advanced in your familiarity but want to continue to study?

Update your personal needs assessment

Rate your self-confidence at performing each of the following skills now – modest, good, or excellent.

Make notes; or print this page and write directly on the chart..

Skill Your self-confidence
Educator Skills modest, good, or excellent
• Initiating a dialogue with target audiences
• Using audience information to assess potential for change
• Developing and implementing activities that influence behavior
• Monitoring results
• Evaluating results
Social Assessment Skills modest, good, or excellent
• Working in collaboration with the audience
• Selecting a data gathering or social assessment procedure
• Applying a data gathering procedure
• Analyzing and summarizing results
• Applying results
• Sharing results


Next, review the Planning Tool and Logic Model you developed for your outreach or education initiative; evaluate your progress:

  • What information do you need to improve your ability to select effective outreach techniques for your situation?
  • How would you monitor results?
  • How would you evaluate your effort?

Use your self-evaluation results as the basis for writing a professional development plan for yourself, indicating what additional reading, practice, or investigation you would like to pursue to hone your skills for developing an outreach or education initiative related to changing public behavior for an environmental concern. Use course resources to guide your planning.

Submit your professional development plan, along with any questions for instructors. Instructors will comment.

Congratulations and best wishes for your work ahead.