ASSIGNMENT 4.7 Practices that make a difference

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ASSIGNMENT 4.8 Practicum: Identify environmental practices that can make a difference

Resource for this activity:

7-Step Process in Practice: a Case Study example (Arkansas case study PDF), and  available on the web in the Sample Workshop Materials, at

CPB practicumDirections

If you completed activities in Units 2 and 3, you are already familiar with the Arkansas Case Study.

Open a copy of the Arkansas case study and reread Steps 1 – 3. Reflect on the work of the Arkansas educators in light of what you have learned in Unit 4 about a person’s intention to change behavior.

Now, read Step 4 to learn about the Arkansas case study audience survey and results.

The results, summarized in Table 1, illustrate the type of information you can gather, in order to identify details that would inform your understanding of behavior change needs as well as the potential for the audience to make a change. You will analyze that survey as part of a guided activity in Unit 5, but for now familiarize yourself with the content.

Write a paragraph listing and explaining comments you have about the process that the Arkansas educators used to build their understanding of their audience.

Look particularly at the categories of information gathered, such as "familiarity with terms". Remember, the Arkansas case study is only an example of how a group of educators approached an environmental management situation where they hoped to change behaviors of local residents. Now that you've studied theories about an individual's intention to change, you may have recommended a different set of questions or a different strategy for collecting information.

Submit your comments in the text box below. Instructors will review and comment.

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