ASSIGNMENT 4.6 Analyze change in behavior

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ASSIGNMENT 4.7 Analyze a change in behavior

Resource for this activity:

An Integrative Model of Behavior diagram and worksheet in pdf and as a doc file

**Print out a copy of the model diagram for reference and for use in the following activities.



Print out a copy of An Integrative Model of Behavior diagram and worksheet/

Referring to behavior change theories, analyze a change in your behavior and the potential for behavior change in a hypothetical situation. Follow instructions below.

Explain what you would look for or what was involved in making the change in behavior. Make notes about your own project, as they occur to you.

1. Page one: Review components of the Integrative Model of Behavior Theories illustrated on the handout. The diagram provides detail about each component that you may find helpful in analyzing a situation.

2. Page two: Apply the model to a change in behavior that you made. This will give you a chance to “learn” the model by trying to apply it to something familiar (yourself).

3. Page two, more: Once you feel relatively comfortable with the model components, test your understanding on a hypothetical problem.

  • Desired change: Create an environmentally sustainable lawn habitat, e.g. reduce mowing, nutrient, and pesticide needs such as by reducing the proportion of blue-grass to other plantings (or identify your own "desired change")
  • Hypothetical audience: Middle class, well educated, water-edge property owner with a large lawn (multiple acres), cares about local lawn care norms (or choose a target audience)

4. Finally, as you practice using the Integrative Model of Behavior Theories on yourself and with the hypothetical problem; note any new ideas you have about the environmental concern you are investigating.

Post your results in the assignment text box below, along with any questions you have about terms or interpretation. A course instructor will review your response.