ASSIGNMENT 4.2 Narrow outreach options

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ASSIGNMENT 4.2 Use the Decision Tree to narrow outreach options

A clear statement about your preferred behavior is critical to developing an effective outreach or education strategy!

In Activity 4.2 you reviewed Changing Public Behavior Basics: 

From the information provided you decided:

  • Which goals you want to emphasize in your work?
  • What, in general, do you want people [your audience] to do? 

In this assignment you will clarify or refine the goal describing what you want to accomplish for the situation you described in Unit 1, Assignment 1.5, or for a situation you are familiar with. You will use the Best Education Practices (BEP) Decision Tree to identify and respond to significant questions about your project. The Decision Tree walks you through a series of questions for each of the following potential outreach or education goals:

I need to develop an education program or outreach strategy . . .

Tree 1 - To tackle a specific water use or management problem.

Tree 2 - To increase public awareness or help the community meet a water goal.

Tree 3 - To build community capacity to manage water use and environmental impacts

BEP Decision Tree











Choose and apply one or more "Trees" of the BEP Decision Tree to the situation you selected in Unit 1, Assignment 1.5, or to a situation you are familiar with.

Based on the Decision Tree recommendations, decide what more you need to learn in order to change the behavior of the audience that interests you.

Write a paragraph about your outreach or education goal and submit via the text box below.

Indicate which type of behavior you want your audience to undertake and why that behavior has potential to be significant (based on Lesson 4.2 and information provided via the Web links above).

Identify which Decision Tree you chose to guide your planning.

Summarize what you learned about your project.


Lesson 4.3 introduces common barriers to behavior change. Consider how these barriers will affect the design of your outreach or education initiative.