ASSIGNMENT 2.3 Work with a team

Receive a grade


Begin by reviewing the online Study Module for Step #1 – Changing Public Behavior Self-Study Modules, Step 1. Describe the environmental concern or opportunity.

Consider who can help you achieve your goal. Who will be on your team?

Jot down some notes about your proposed team members. What occupation or category to they fit, along with comments about why you selected those particular areas of expertise.

Submit your ideas below. Also, save for later use, in Assignment 2.5, Behavior Change Planning Tool: Identify your audience.

Who? Choose:

  • Experts from more than one discipline
  • Representatives of different sectors of the community of interest
  • People who experience the issue in different ways.

There is no recipe for who has to be on the team, although studies indicate that both broad and narrow groups can be effective, depending on the situation (Koontz, 2004). 


After completing all sections of Lesson 2.3, take a few minutes to review a team case study and share your reflections about the process of building and working with a team, in Forum 2.3Click here to begin that activity now.

Look at how a team can help, in more detail, in Lesson 2.4, Team support examples.

Finally, take a few minutes to reflect on the process of building and working with a team, in Forum 2.4.CPB Step1_webpage