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Getting Started Página First things first...

If you're new to this site or new to moodle here are some things to do first.

URL Managing a Moodle Course

Some things to consider as you're planning your course.

Página Organizing Course Content

There are many ways to set up a course and many ways to organize content. It's always best to think it through and come up with a plan before beginning development on a course.

Página Working with Files

Files are a big part of an online course, and it's important to know how to add course content by including files, folders and repositiory items.

Página Using Moodle Repositories

Repositories in Moodle enable users to upload files, access previously uploaded files and easily bring content in from external repositories, including Google Docs, through the File picker.

Página Using HTML editor

Moodle has a standard HTML editor that appears in many locations. It includes a toolbar that allows teachers/developers to insert content without having to know HTML code.

Página Community Hub

A community hub provides a directory of courses for public use or for private communities.

Resource Página Adding Resources

There are many different kinds of Resources that can be added to a course, and they are each explained here.

Adding a resource image

Resource List

Archivo This is a File

A file may be a document, presentation, spreadsheet or media in numerous formats. It is added using the file picker and may be uploaded from various sources including your computer, server or a repository.

Carpeta (folder) This is a Folder

A folder is a useful way to organize multiple files and helps declutter the course page. A folder may contain sub-folders. To upload numerous files, first organise them on your computer, then create a single .zip archive which you can upload into your folder, then unzip it.

Página This is a Page

A page is a quick and easy way to create an HTML resource. It may contain text, links, and/or media. Use the HTML editor to format your page. Contents from moodledocs

URL This is a URL

A URL is added by entering a valid web address in the Content > External URL field or by choosing a link from a repository. Content from moodledocs

Libro This is a Book

The Book module makes it easy to create multi-page resources with a book-like format

Activity Página Adding Activities

There are many different kinds of Activities that can be added to a course, and they are each explained here. 
Adding an activity

List of Activities

Página Activity Completion & Conditional Activities

Activity completion enables teachers to specify conditions that define when a student has completed an activity. Course completion enables teachers to specify conditions that define when a student has completed a course. Conditional activities enable teachers to restrict the availability of any activity according to certain conditions such as dates, grade obtained, or activity completion. Each is explained here.

  • A PDF handout about Conditionality is available for download.
Assessing Learning Página Assignment

The Assignment allows teachers to collect work from students, review it and provide feedback including grades. 

Página Quiz

The Quiz allows teachers to design and build quizzes consisting of a large variety of Question types, including multiple choice, true-false, and short answer questions. These questions are kept in the Question bank and can be re-used in different quizzes

Reporting Página Reporting

There are many ways to report on students progree in a course.

Página Gradebook

All the grades for each student in a course can be found in the course gradebook, or 'Grader report' in Settings > Course administration > Grades

Additional Resources Archivo Word Template for Simple Certificate
Archivo Picture of Simple Certificate Design Options
Carpeta (folder) Quick Reference Guides
Carpeta (folder) Course Flyer Example

This is folder contains a PDF and Word document of a template to be used for promoting and marketing a course at campus.extension.org

Carpeta (folder) PDF on How to for Groups and Groupings

This is a PDF that provides directions on Groups and Groupings.

URL How to Publish to mooch.extension.org to Promote Course
URL Moodle Tool Guide for Teachers/Instructors