This 3-part series begins with the DiSC© Workplace assessment* where participants learn about their preferred work styles and environment. We discuss why this self-awareness is critical to being an effective leader/manager and explore some strategies for anticipating what future employees might be looking for in a manager.  

Session 2 dives into organizational culture as it shows up on your farm and why being transparent about the culture you are striving for matters in building a farm team. We will spend time assessing your current culture and exploring strategies to either amplify or change it. We'll share tips on how you can anticipate someone's work style and preferences based on some very common observations.

Session 3 will be an interactive look at how, why and when conflict arises in work environments. We explore strategies to address the role of the manager when there is conflict within the work team, how different DiSC© profiles approach conflict, how to model productive conflict, and how to move beyond conflict and emerge as a stronger team. 

These are interactive sessions, and your participation will be critical to our collective learning. Resources will be provided in advance and participants should plan time to review the materials prior to each session.  Participants will leave the series with an action plan designed to get your growing season off to a successful start.