This CSU Badge introduces foundation principles on how internet-of-things (IoT) technology and sensors can be used to provide real-time soil moisture and weather data, allowing growers to improve the timing and amounts of irrigation – saving water and avoiding plant water stress. These general principles are applicable to either landscape or agriculture irrigation sectors, including a wide range of scenarios such as efficiently watering a backyard garden, growing vegetables in a greenhouse, maintaining golf courses and lawns, as well as irrigating large crop fields. Using a kit containing sensors and a wireless IoT microcontroller, participants will gaine hands-on experience building, programming, and using their own IoT (i.e, sensor-based) system to monitor soil water levels based on real-time data. Using an experiential learning approach, learners will gain new knowledge on how IoT sensor technology and the resulting real-time data can be leveraged to improve irrigation decisions and save water. Program was funded in part by the CHS Foundation and Colorado State University.