CourseInfluence of Irrigation on Insect, Weed, and Disease Management

CEU Credits: This course is accredited by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (2.0 CA-DPR CEUs 'other' categirt), the Arizona Department of Agriculture (2.0 AZDA CEUs), and Certified Crop Advisor (2.0 CCA CEUs).

Course Description: 
Using Irrigation as an IPM Tool in Leafy Vegetables and Melons:
 John Palumbo

The Effects of Irrigation on Vegetable Herbicides: Barry Tickes

Effects of Irrigation and other Environmental Factors on Diseases: Steve Koike

Course availability will be through the end of the year and will be removed on December 31st, 2021.

The course contains video so it requires a computer that can play audio and video.

IMPORTANT: You may only receive credit for this course once. If you have already attended the live workshop you may not receive credit for the online on-demand version of the course.

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