This course focuses on the standard breeding methods and theories associated with population improvement of cross-pollinated crops (e.g., corn, alfalfa, sunflowers, and forage grasses) and self-pollinated crops that are forced to cross-pollinate. Students learn about creating populations, recurrent selection methods, with and without progeny tests, and hybrid production practices. Topics include the common breeding methods used in improving cross-pollinated crops and the theoretical basis for cross-pollinated crop breeding. The course can be taken individually or as the 1st of 3 modules in Plant Breeding (Module 2: Germplasm & Genes, and Module 3: Cross-Pollinated Crop Breeding).

The target audience is the college graduate level learner and agriculture professionals. Teachers include: Joe Keaschall, Leah Sandall, and Diane Nolan

For information or to enroll contact Kathy Schindler at or 402-472-1730