Meeting the global demands for food, fuel and fiber in part will depend upon the development of new crop genetics and varieties. These new varieties will need to have unique genes that allow the crop to yield higher than before, be grown in ever-changing environments such as periods of drought, and withstand stress due to insects, pathogen and weed pressure. This requires a large team effort including partnerships with professionals with a variety of expertise including: plant breeding, weed science, plant pathology, entomology, chemical science, plant biology, applied agronomy (crop production), mechanical engineering, farmers, seed sales professionals, etc. With these interwoven professions in mind, we have developed this online course to help participants obtain a conversational knowledge of plant breeding in order to understand basic principles and better communicate with each other no matter the role each plays in this global effort.

For more information or to enroll please contact: Keenan Amundsen, Leah Sandall