This course describes intellectual property and explains the basics of the copyright and trademark laws, taking a practical approach that relates to situations faced by practicing Extension professionals.

This self-paced course provides an introduction to different learning styles and explores ways to better reach differnt learners. For more information contact Jennifer Jahedkar Chilek 

Learn about the seven keys of effective educational presentations and how to achieve them. This course addresses how to determine needs, design the presentation, use personal attributes to deliver the presentation with confidence, and evaluate the presentation.

This 1-1 1/2 hour course is appropriate for Extension personnel who deliver educational presentations to a variety of adult audiences.
For more information, contact Rich Poling, University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service,
Teaching Effectiveness Tools: PowerPoint is a self-paced course for Texas AgriLife Employees. Participants will gain knowledge and practice using Microsoft PowerPoint’s interactive features in order to create more engaging presentations. Presentation design and how to re-purpose a PowerPoint presentation and also covered. Teacher/Contact name and institution: Michelle Payne/Texas AgriLife Organizational Development unit.