Texas 4-H Basics of Robotics is 7-week online course for adults and 4-H members interested in learning the basics of of building and programming the Lego EV3 Robot.

To enroll in the course, please complete the form linked below.  


Once the form is submitted, you will be provided the course enrollment key and further login instructions in a PDF.

For more information or assistance contact Derrick Bruton, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, at d-bruton@tamu.edu

4-H Wildlife and Hunting is the online portion of the 4-H Hunting and Wildlife Project training.  It is designed for 4-H coaches scheduled to attend a face-to-face coach training.  The online portion will expedite and enhance the face-to-face training. Completion of a face-to-face workshop is needed to complete the certification process. For more information, contact: Denise Harmel-Garza, Texas 4-h AgriLife Extension at denise.harmel-garza@agnet.tamu.edu